This weekend has sucked. I’ve pretty much been in bed since yesterday morning sick. Iv’e been suffering from a slight cold with a nasty cough. It makes it even worse that I have asthma. I really hate sitting in bed because I feel like a complete bum. I got up and went for a run yesterday afternoon but couldn’t stop coughing.  That run turned into a 1 mile job because I started to get dizzy and thought it’d be best to get home. After relaxing for a bit I then went outside to go shoot my bow and arrow since it requires little effort to shoot. But even then I started to get dizzy and shooting a bow while dizzy is not the best thing to do.

So since the little episode I have been taking it easy and lounging around trying to get better. I really wanted to go climb today but decided that it’s best I didn’t. I’m still coughing a lot and I really don’t want to get my germs1502_bestdefense_orangeboost_new_us all over the holds at the gym. The last thing I need it to get other people sick. Hopefully I’ll be back at it Tuesday but for now I’ve been boosting up on these Herbalife Immune boosters. Getting all my vitamins and minerals is essential for getting better.

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