I’m Kasey Sparadeo, also known in the gym as, Chalk Girl. I am a 24 year old climber from a town called Johnston right in the center of itty-bitty Rhode Island. For those of you wondering, yes Rhode Island is a state, and yes there are MANY places to climb here. You just have to venture out and look for them. My life the day before I discovered climbing was quite boring. Now my life is full of adventure and I am willing to go wherever the world takes me. Even though this blog is about climbing I also have many other hobbies, such as, hiking (or even getting lost on a bush waking  adventure), archery, biking, jogging, playing music , making art and so much more. Since I have started climbing I have gotten into gym climbing, trad climbing and sport climbing, accomplishing routes from as little as 5.7 all the way up to 5.12.  I also boulder and ice climb but that just comes hand in hand. When I’m not climbing or wrapped up in one of my hobbies you can find me at a small bar called Corner Pocket in my hometown bartending. But enough about me, I’d like to know about you and get to know everyone who is as interest in climbing as me. Maybe even stop by the bar while I’m tending and we’ll talk over a drink!

Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat (yes, that’s right, I Snap A LOT) listed in the sidebar!

Snapchat user name: ksparadeo

Tumblr: Click Here 

Just realized that my Facebook widget is broken, I’m going o try to resolve the problem, but for now click here to follow me!


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