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2016 It’s A Wrap


So 2016 was a year of accomplishing new goals and finding myself. Going into 2016 this time last year I was depressed, and unhappy with myself. The person I used to be seemed to be lost. I quickly overcame that by doing things I love such as, rock climbing, hiking running in 5k’s and so on. I began to eat better and I lost almost 20 pounds. I had a spiritual connection with nature in my own back yard and even backpacked the White Mountains. Within the first few months of 2016 I was feeling like myself again and for the first time in a year I was finally happy. I made new friends that became positive influences in my life and helped me accomplish goals. I did things I never thought I would be able to do and I did all on my own. Rock climbing became a big part of my life. It was something that I was actually good at and enjoyed. I came a long way with the sport, I became an influence to others, and was even able to get a sponsorship. All I ever wanted was to influence others. I just want people to know that anything can be accomplished with the right mind set and that is something I was able to do just by sharing my journey with others over the internet. By the end of the year I was able to quit my one night a week bar tending job and get a full time graphic design job that has made it possible for me to drive home a new 2017 Hyundai Elantra. Being in a full time office job is hard since I am used to being so active but with the proper willpower I have been able to manage my active time around my job.

My life has changed a lot in 2016 and it all hasn’t been that great. I gained a lot but I also lost a lot. At the beginning of the year I had to say goodbye to my Aunt and my Grandfather. That was hard and had a big impact on my family life. My mother was hurt more because she lost her sister so I have tried to be there for her as much as  can be. However, that kind of hurt is a hurt that only time can heal. Just a few weeks ago I had to make another hard decision. I had to put down my childhood dog Reilly. Reilly was a boxer and boxers are very prone to tumors which ultimately did him in. Reilly would have turned 11 years old this month and towards his final days he was showing his age. He still had a lot of personality and wanted to jump around but he was getting skinny. He hardly wanted to eat and when he did he couldn’t keep it down. Just seeing him become skin and bones was the hardest thing to see. My family took him to the vet where we found out his stomach was covered in tumors causing him to not be able to digest his food. The vet said he only had days to a week to live. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do. He was my best friend and seeing that last look in his eyes killed me inside. After that I don’t think I ever want a dog again.

Hopefully 2017 will be a little easier. I plan to continue climbing and to kick my ass even more in shape. I would like to apply for a few more sponsorships in the fall but we’ll cross that bridge later. I do have a list of climbs planned and some winter sport activities planed so hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish a lot. My main goal is to save up enough money to plan a climbing trip out to Yosemite so lets do it!



May he be happy in doggy heaven 

My Day In A Nutshell


Uhhh what a day! It started off real well. I had plans to make a trip to REI, then to drop off some work at the art gallery and then go to the climbing gym. It started off pretty well, I got to REI and bought some bike accessories. I was in major need of an arm band for my phone since I always take it with me for music while biking, running and climbing. I ended up getting it practically free with a $20 gift card that I received the other day for spending over $100. I needed a new bike rack to take my bike in the woods. The old one I had I lost when I broke up with my ex.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.32.00 PM

Trail riding in Snake Den Park. It’s less than 5 miles from my house.

After I went to REI I stopped at the gallery to drop off some art for the spring showing. On the way home I was so excited to go to the rock gym and climb with my new arm band. However, my whole day took a turn when my car started to not change gears on the high way. Along with that there was a bad smell of burning rubber coming form the engine. I pulled off the highway and into the gas station and realized that if I continued to drive my car it would catch on fire. I called a tow truck and sat there for almost two hours before it came and I was able to go home. It really sucks that it happened. My mechanic was closed so I left it in their parking lot so I won’t know until tomorrow what the problem is but I can guess that it is my transmission or something worse. I wasn’t able to get to the gym so my good friend Chris is going to pick me up tomorrow and we’ll go then. Hopefully I can get my car fixed quick so I can go to the gym and take my bike out more.


On a better note the weather in RI has been in the 70’s this week setting a record high in the state. I took the advantage to spend almost all week outdoors, mostlyhiking and trail riding. Also, on another note, many of you may know that I am an artist. I have a bachelor degree in graphic design and you can view my website (www.kaseysmind.com) to see my portfolio.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.32.10 PM

Here is some of my art that will be featured in the New Hope art Gallery in Cranston RI

I have had my art up for the past couple of season in an art gallery called the New Hope Gallery located in Cranston RI. This seasons work has a very “spring” feel to it. If anyone is ever in the area feel free to check it out! Opening night is March 29th so I’ll be sure to post about it the next day!! Hopefully my luck changes with my car situation, I feel like it never ends.